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Government & Law Enforcement

Get Information regarding how to increase your sales tax revenue and impact the drug issues in your community


Retail Theft Analysis is the easiest safest way to stop return fraud and help the communities where your stores are located.

About Us | Sales and Support Team

State Legislative Coordinators


Our state staff is made of individuals experienced in the state and local legislative process.  Each has been working at the state or local level to introduce legislation related to both organized retail crime, and health and opioid issues.



Support Staff

Our support staff is made up individuals experienced with helping you utilize the software.  Retail Theft Analysis’s team of sales and client support staff brings law enforcement agencies and businesses together for the benefit of communities across the United States. Our team knows that Retail Theft Analysis is a service and not just software. They live by a few simple rules:


  • Be friendly

  • Be helpful

  • Be capable

  • Be proactive


If you have been with us for a while, you probably already know our support staff well.  Our team criss·crosses the country training law enforcement personnel and helping in City Council meetings and business conferences.


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