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Get Information regarding how to increase your sales tax revenue and impact the drug issues in your community


Retail Theft Analysis is the easiest safest way to stop return fraud and help the communities where your stores are located.

About Us


Our mission is to eliminate gift card fraud and reduce funding for drug activities, making communities safer for law enforcement and its citizens.  Retail Theft Analysis is expanding nationwide.  We are expanding because organized retail crime and gift card fraud have been linked to the opioid crisis as a major source of funding. 


Retail Theft Analysis was honored to consult with the State of Tennessee regarding legislation passed designed to reduce gift card fraud for Tennessee retailers and the State of Tennessee.






















That's the short version. Here's the rest:


We have worked with organizations like the Salvation Army, the American Cancer Society, and others to reduce gift card fraud.  


We have recently formed a partnership with ERAD-Group.   This partnership provides data to government officials so a complete fraudulent card solution that includes not only gift cards but credit, debit and prepaid cards as well.


In addition, we have been recognized by National Anti-Organized Retail Crime Association ( as a unique technology solution to the gift card fraud problem.   Christopher McGourty, Founder of NAORCA, stated, "The first technology solution that can impact the problem."


The Retail Theft Analysis card analysis system is for state and local officials and for the businesses who report.  We are funded by the retailers and non-profits as a way to impact gift card fraud and drug addiction.


We're no nonsense innovative thinkers focused on making communities safer and committed to making our client's lives much less complicated.


Tennessee Bill Signing
Knoxville Police Chief Rausch, Nick Phillips,  Retail Theft Analysis - Jeff Brand, Rick Willings, Roland Myers - Tennessee Retail Association, Tennessee Gov Bill Haslam
Tennessee Organized Retail Crime Bill Signing
June 21st 2017
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