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Retail Theft Analysis is a technology platform that reduces retail return fraud by 85%.  


This saves retailers, law enforcement and local government time and money.  


In preliminary studies, 50% of opioid overdoses are linked to gift card fraud.  This astounding figure demonstrates how this type of fraud is impacting our communities.  This type of crime is funding drug activity in our communities.  Now there is a way to slow the crisis down.

We Reduce Retail Return Fraud 85% - Really


For the retailers, the platform solves return fraud and reduces other type of fraud associated with gift cards, including credit card fraud and money laundering. This is accomplished without changing return policies.

Organized Retail Crime is the birthplace of many types of crime, including violent crimes involving drugs.  The RTA platform reduces this type fraud that is helping to fund the opioid crisis.  It  gives measurable results that can be shown to constituents regarding improvements in your community.

Law Enforcement can now enforce compliance with ALL commercial buyers and sellers of gift cards in the area.  In real-time, the platform  targets and prioritizes  ORC networks operating in the area.

Stop retail fraud before it happens without changing your return policies

Catch retail criminals with fewer man-hours and get another set of eyes on the problem to assist your officers

Reduce crime, impact the opioid crisis in your area and Increase sales tax revenue with simple policy changes

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