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What We Do


We partner with and connect exchanges/web-sites, law enforcement, retailers, financial institutions and the public, bringing stability and longevity to the gift card marketplace. 


Every consumer in America relies on one thing: fair markets and is why Retail Theft Analysis works every day to ensure that:


  1. Deter misconduct by enforcing the standards

    • Retail Theft Analysis's mission is to safeguard the public against fraud and bad practices. We pursue that mission by working with states and municipalities writing and enforcing standards related to gift card sales in the United States.

  2. Give visibility to the information needed to discipline those who operate unethically

    • By giving transaction visibility in real-time to 16,337 law enforcement agencies, law enforcement has the information to respond and discipline those who operate outside the law.

  3. Detect and prevent wrongdoing in the gift card industry

    • Retail Theft Analysis uses technology powerful enough to look across markets and detect potential abuses. Using a variety of data gathering techniques and software, we work to give visibility to the stakeholders; retailers, exchanges, law enforcement, financial institutions and government agencies.  

  4. A resource center for information on gift card related fraud.

    • Retail Theft Analysis updates partners about gift card fraud changes and upcoming events.

Government & Law Enforcement

Get Information regarding how to increase your sales tax revenue and impact the drug issues in your community


Retail Theft Analysis is the easiest safest way to stop return fraud and help the communities where your stores are located.

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