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Copy of The Opioid Crisis - Why You Should Care

The opioid crisis affects more of our lives than what many would expect. An obvious issue is the devastation of the lives lost. There are 115 overdoses a day that involve opioids. Many would think that number is lower than it was previously but overdoses involving opioids were five times higher in 2016 than in 1999.

Economic Impact of The Crisis

Economically, the opioid crisis is equally devastating; the United States loses $504 billion a year from opioids according to a study by the CEA in 2017. That’s 6.4 times more than what was estimated 4 years earlier. To put that into perspective, $504 billion dollars could wipe out all but 1 billion of the 2014 trade deficit. Perhaps more easily conceptualized, $504 billion could buy more than 438 million Iphone Xs, enough to give every teenager in America 10 and still have some left over.

Who Suffers

The large effect on the community and the economy is likely because the opioid crisis is affecting more than one demographic. People below the poverty line or on Medicaid are at a greater risk of opioid addiction and its consequences but overall, the crisis can affect just about anybody. This is likely because most opioid addictions begin with a prescription from a doctor, a common experience that people of all avenues share.

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