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Tennessee Senator Briggs

Discusses Gift Card Fraud and Its Impact On State Revenues and The Opioid Crisis

The Easiest Way To Impact Fraud

Partners | Exchange - Websites

  • Reduce Liability

  • Protect Revenue Stream

  • Improve Brand Image

  • Shift Oversight Of Bulk Buyers To Law Enforcement

  • Build Consumer Trust

  • Partner With Government and Municipalities

This partnership improves the image of the exchanges in the eyes of the stakeholders:

  • Brands

  • Government and Municipalities

  • Law Enforcement

  • Consumers

  • Financial Institutions 

  • Bulk Buyers



Retail Theft Analysis allows 16,337 law enforcement agencies to view commercial bulk seller information and transactions.  This reduces liability for our web-site partners while protecting an important revenue stream for them.  In addition this type of cooperation improves both brand image and consumer trust.


Bulk Buyers also benefit as they get alerted to previous fraudulent sellers of gift cards, resulting in an more legitimate and profitable business.

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